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Salesforce's Acquisition of Tableau (Excerpt)

Salesforce will leverage Tableau to lock all business data within its native domain, thus leaving Google no option but to leverage Looker’s unique strength in a developer-centric modeling language for a Java-like or SQL-like adoption by the entire technical data analytics and data science community. With Looker’s LookML becoming the new standard for data modeling, other IaaS vendors would need to react by fixing their respective weaknesses:

  1. AWS - support and professional services (at scale),

  2. Azure - sales,

  3. Oracle - modern product stack,

  4. Salesforce - legit external interface for its rich internal data.

As a result, AWS, Azure, Oracle will begin acquisitions of Databricks, Snowflake, and MongoDB...

I'm a Big Data Expert, Looker Alum, PhD Dropout, and I have worked with many great companies 

Read the full write-up on Snowplow Analytics Blog about my takeaways 



Having joined Looker during its First Venture Round (by FRC) as the first post-sales data scientist, Segah A. Mir has seen firsthand the challenges customers have in balancing rapidly changing objectives against the complexity of modern data stacks. Since 2014, Mr. Mir has been at the forefront of technology adoption across Real Time Analytics, ETL, Data Visualization & Exploration, and, most recently, AI/ML.

He was first introduced to Big Data challenges circa 2006 while building a web only Big Data spreadsheet for a Supply Chain department's Oracle DB at Seagate Corporate (the HD manufacturer). The goal was simple: how do many consumers of Oracle data gain access to a simple interface that they are familiar with and where they can browse, edit, merge, import, export data seamlessly without worrying about version control or data's duplicity.

Since then, Mr. Mir has worked with Big Data across many teams & functions, including marketing, risk&operations, business analytics, forecasting, engineering, and even sales. As everyday challenges have diverged from industry-wide gurus such as Ralph Kimball to vendor-specific technologies and related user groups, Mr. Mir has started focusing more on high-level strategy for Big Data across fast growing technology companies.


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